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! All non-essential travels are still prohibited until further notice !

For the time being and until further notice, Belgian embassies and consulates no longer accept any visa applications and no longer issue visas, except in exceptional cases (see below).



Travellers must take into account the current sanitary measures in Belgium, including a 14-day quarantine and a compulsory PCH Covid test on arrival. More information on this is available on the Corona website of the government (

Every passenger to Belgium is also required to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form prior to travel. On arrival in Belgium, the form must be handed over to the designated authorities at the border. This form can also be completed and sent electronically via where it is available in Dutch, English, German and French. This is a sanitary measure imposed by the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. Further information can be found on the form itself.

List of travelers with an essential function or need

Here are the only travelers exempted from restrictions:

    i. Healthcare professionals, health researchers, and elderly care professionals;

    ii. Frontier workers;

    iii. Seasonal workers in agriculture;

    iv. Transport personnel;

    v. Diplomats, staff of international organizations and people invited by international organizations whose physical presence is required for the well-functioning of these organizations, military personnel, federal police personnel, civil protection personnel, law enforcement personnel, Immigration Office personnel, customs personnel and humanitarian workers when travel is necessary in the performance of their duties;

    vi. Passengers in transit both extra-Schengen (coming from a non-Schengen country) and intra-Schengen (coming from a Schengen country);

    vii. Passengers travelling for imperative family reasons, meaning exclusively this:

      - For family reunification (D visa – Art 40 Ter, Art 10 & 10bis)

      - For family visit (C visa – only for spouses, children who are under the age of 21 or are dependent, and dependent father/mother of EU citizens and citizens of the Schengen Associated States or of third-country nationals who are long-term residents in Belgium)

     -  In view of marriage or legal cohabitation

     - To attend funeral or wedding (1st and 2nd degree of kinship only) 

     - To return to Belgium (C & D re-entry visa)

     - To visit partner / girlfriend / boyfriend (C visa – see below A)

    viii. Seafarers;

    ix. Persons for humanitarian reasons, including travel for compelling medical reasons or urgent medical care;

    x. Students, included trainees or researchers with a hosting agreement;

    xi. Highly qualified workers if their employment is necessary from an economic perspective and the work cannot be postponed or performed abroad (D visa –Single Permit).

    xii. Persons who come to exercise a salaried activity in Belgium, including au pairs, regardless of the duration of this activity, provided that they are authorized to do so by the competent Region (work permit or proof that the conditions for an exemption are met);

    xiii. Persons who come to exercise a self-employed activity in Belgium, regardless of the duration of this activity, provided that they are authorized to do so by the competent Region (valid professional card or proof that the conditions for an exemption are met).

If you can prove that you are part of these above-mentioned categories and that you cannot postpone your travel, you may lodge your visa application via TLScontact Visa Application Centre (to know which days and times their center will be open, please check their Address and Opening Hours page).

If you already have a valid Schengen visa issued by a Belgian Embassy or Consulate, you must only apply for an “essential travel certificate” via TLScontact Visa Application Centre too (see below B).

A. De facto partner / boyfriend / girlfriend

From September 1, 2020, a visit (less than 90 days) to the person with whom you have a stable and lasting relationship will be considered an essential trip. The supporting documents to be produced with the visa application are as follows:

    - Identity card or permit to stay of the partner in Belgium;

    - proof that the partners have a lasting and stable relationship;

    - sufficient personal means of subsistence or a commitment to provide support (Annex 3bis);

    - return guarantees;

    - flight information;

    - Schengen travel health insurance.

The proof that the partners have a lasting and stable relationship is established as follows:

   - they have lived together uninterruptedly in Belgium or in another country for at least 6 months; or

   - they have been in a relationship for at least 1 year, during which they have met in person at least 2 times for a total duration of 20 days or more. In the event that a visit had to be canceled due to travel restrictions (Covid-19), evidence that a visit was planned may be taken into consideration for the second visit.

   - they have a common child.

B. Essential Travel Certificate

IN TIME OF COVID, for a short stay in Belgium (less than 90 days), the traveler must present a C visa issued after 18/03/2020 OR a C visa  issued before 18/03/2020 with an “essential travel certificate”.

This certificate is issued by the embassy if the essential nature of the trip is established based on the following documents (no exhaustive list):

    - original passport and eventual previous passports with Schengen visas;
    - prove of being a traveler with an essential function or need (see list above);
    - flight information;
    - Schengen travel health insurance.

An “essential travel certificate” is not necessary if the essential nature of the trip is evident from the documents in the possession of the traveler. Examples: seafarers (sailor's book), passengers in transit (plane ticket), diplomats (diplomatic passport).

Finally, any C visa issued after 18/03/2020, therefore after the onset of the health crisis, is considered to be a visa issued as part of an essential trip. The traveler shouldn't therefore not request an “essential travel certificate”, unless he fears a difficulty (example: no direct flight to Belgium) or if specially requested by airline company.
Kindly contact TLS for more details about the procedure to apply for an "essential travel certificate".


Whether or not the traveler is exempted from restriction to travel, the Schengen entry conditions must be met (e.g. Schengen travel health insurance, financial means, return guarantees…). It is therefore not sufficient to establish that the intended trip is essential to receive a C visa or to travel. Each traveler must be able to demonstrate that he meets the entry conditions not only to the embassy but as well as on arrival at the Schengen external borders by means of the necessary documentation. 

Voor meer informatie in het nederlands click hier.

Informatie over GDPR

Algemeen verordening gegevensbescherming

Verwerking van pesoonsgegevens in het kader van een visumaanvraag



Belangrijk bericht voor visumaanvragers

Alle aanvragers van een Schengenvisum - behoudens kinderen tot 12 jaar - moeten zich persoonlijk aanbieden om hun biometrische gegevens te laten registreren. Zij moeten een afspraak via de website van het visumcentrum te maken alvorens persoonlijk daar aan te melden. 


TLScontact Visa Application Center

Delta Plaza, Bldg 1 - 2nd Syromyatnichesky Lane

105120 Moscow (Metro Kurskaya)

TEL: +8 (495) 995 85 13

WEB: (externe link)

Open : 09:00 - 17:00 (maandag - vrijdag)

Voor het afhalen van paspoorten : 08:00 - 16:00 (maandag - vrijdag)




Ekaterinburg :

Novosibirsk :

Rostov aan de Don :



1. Ga naar de website van TLScontact (externe link)

2. Online registreren op (externe link)

3. Online een afspraak nemen bij TLScontact.

4. Klaarmaken van uw visumaanvraag dossier.

5. Naar TLScontact komen op de afspraak en de visumaanvraag indienen.

Opgelet: Geen enkel reisbureau is geaccrediteerd bij de Ambassade. Met andere woorden: geen enkel reisbureau is in staat -zelfs kostenloos - een voorkeursbehandeling voor uw visumaanvraag bij deze Ambassade of bij TLScontact aan te bieden.


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Informatie over Schengen visa

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Visumaanvraagformulieren en borgstellingen

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FAQ (tarieven, verwerkingstijd, minderjarige kinderen, geaccrediteerde medische centra)

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